Craft Studio Maldives

About Us

Hello!  I am Naza (Hawwa Nazaahath Shameem) and Craft Studio is a sole proprietor business, established in Maldives in 2019.
Craft Studio is the result of a great passion for crafting, combined with a degree in interior architecture and a masters in business administration.

Mission & Vision

My mission is to create well-made homeware accessories affordable to all Maldivians and visitors alike that are designed, produced, and packaged in Maldives, and are produced using locally sourced materials.

My vision is for Craft Studio to be a company built on creativity, knowledge and innovation that strives to explore the best and most sustainable and environmentally sound products for our customers. A company that is highly efficient, productive, profitable and thrives sustainably.

Craft Studio Maldives


At Craft Studio we create homeware accessories to style your spaces. Be it interior, exterior, offices or event venues. All our homeware accessories are made from cement with each piece individually designed, moulded and finished in our home studio in Male’, Maldives.

Cement, like many mediums, is not an indestructible material. While all our products are strong and durable, we suggest it be treated like ceramic as it can chip or break if dropped or knocked against a hard surface.


All our planters are best suited for indoor use but can be used outdoors as well. If the planter is to be used outdoors, we recommend that it be kept out of the elements for longevity and structural integrity of the planter. All our planters are designed with a drainage hole in it to prevent root rot.


At Craft Studio, we are big believers that everything should have a place in your space. This includes your keys, jewellery and soaps! We have a range of trays of different sizes and shapes to help you organise your spaces. From entryways, bathroom vanities to dressing tables and office workstations, our range of trays are a design statement on their own, while being highly functional.

Additionally, as part of our sustainability efforts, we have a range of Soap Trays suitable for soap, shampoo and conditioner bars to encourage more Maldivians to give up plastic bottled bath and body products.

Pots & Vessels

Besides planters and trays, we also have a range of pots with and without lids. These range from tea light candle holders to pen/makeup brush holders and jewellery pots.

Craft Studio Maldives

Work Process

Every item produced in our studio is individually hand-mixed, poured and finished. Each piece is completely unique with variations in colour, pattern, finish and textural quality.

Little surface imperfections and air bubbles are all part of the organic nature of cement. These are not product defects and are considered part of the charm of the product.

Our process takes 7-14 days, from the time a customer places an order to delivery, depending on the order quantity. We deliver free of charge to addresses within Male’ and Hulhumale.

All our homewares are made for functional and decorative use, but not suitable for food serving.

All our products are 100% handmade in Maldives by Maldivians.